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Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Program
Teaching Kids to Go With the Flow—anywhere, anytime



THE KID POWER YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE will bring you from the moment students step foot into your class all the way to Savasana and everything in between.

This program provides you with all of the specific tools, templates and materials needed to create effective yoga classes for kids. Through the KPY DVDs, group sessions, assignments and one-on-one work with Mariam Gates you will deepen your understanding of the core principles of teaching and develop your ability to take your work with young people to the next level. Using these techniques and practices, you will also learn strategies for teaching students to bring these practices off the mat and into other areas of their lives. The course offers specific tools and templates (and DVDs demonstrating each component of a class to 'bring it to life') all designed with time-tested material that really works! This course offers a foundation for anyone interested in bringing yoga to kids as well as a way to enhance the work of already established yoga and classroom teachers, social workers, parents and others working with children. The Kid Power Yoga Training Program is based in the Core Principles of Teaching: Preparation, Tempo, Emphasis, Connection and Self-Study. This approach is designed to empower you with tools and a methodology to take a more active role in the physical, mental and emotional development of the children around you.

COURSE OUTLINE + MATERIALS: The Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Course moves through the segments of instruction offering specific assignments, templates and group coaching sessions with Mariam Gates designed to lead you through a process of creating powerful yoga classes and experiences for young people. Course Materials are also available separately.

The Course Includes:

  • The Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training DVDs Including:

    • KPY Warm ups

    • KPY Building Blocks

    • KPY Vinyasa Flows for Kids

    • KPY Savasana Segments

    • KPY Breathing Exercises

    • KPY Relaxation + Meditation Techniques for Kids

    • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your Kid Power Yoga Level I Certification

Namasté -Mariam


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