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KPY Materials Only

Purchase the Full KPY Training Materials Set (Almost complete!)

Set Includes:

  • The Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training DVDs

    • KPY Warm ups

    • KPY Building Blocks

    • KPY Vinyasa Flows for Kids

    • KPY Savasana Segments

    • KPY Breathing Exercises

    • KPY Relaxation + Meditation Techniques for Kids


You can purchase the Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Manual and Kid Power Yoga DVDs program separately. This package provides you with all the materials and tools you need to create specific lesson plans to bring effective yoga classes to young people in your life. Using the Kid Power Yoga methodology and principles the KPYTraining Manual and DVDs will enable you to create impactful yoga experiences from the moment students walk in the door all the way to Savasana. You can use these materials 'by the letter' and create your classes using the specific class tools and activities OR use the principles and the pick and choose from the templates to enhance your own approach to teaching yoga to kids. This methodology works as a structure while also allowing for your own creativity and unique spark to shine through.

Please Note: KPY Staff will be available on-going for individual questions on the material. You can always contact us with questions at info@kidpoweryoga.com We want you to be successful with these materials!